Tiger Requirements

6-7 Years Old

1st Grade Youth

Wolf Requirements

7-8 Years Old

2nd Grade Youth

Bear Requirements

8-9 Years Old

3rd Grade Youth

Webelos I Requirements

9-10 Years Old

4th Grade Youth

Webelos II Requirements

10-11 Years Old

5th Grade Youth


PACK T-SHIRT – We are planning on re-ordering more Class B t-shirts for the upcoming Round Up season of new scouts and their families.  As always, these t-shirts are considered acceptable wear for all active wear den meetings, camping, service projects, and outdoor practical experience meetings, but NOT for Pack Meetings or for Public Service visits (police, fire, etc). If you would like to purchase a t-shirt for yourself or your scout, please bring $12/t-shirt to any den or pack meeting and see the appointed collection representative that evening.




CYBER CHIP – NetSmartz Online Safety program sponsored by Boy Scouts of America is an optional scout adventure you and your scout can do independantly of den meetings. If you do not wish to partake of this opportunity, it will have no bearing on your scout earning his Rank Badge for the year.  For returning scouts, a new device (pin) has been created by BSA national supply to recognize those boys who have “recharged” their Cyber Chip.

BAND APP – In effort to provide a more secure, but significantly more advanced notification system, we are switching to the social media app BAND.  Available both as a desktop browser site and smartphone app format, BAND will allow our leadership to provide alternate meeting time/location calendar events with GPS coordinates, provide unhindered uploads/downloads of files and photos, polls, chat, and text notification all in a secure format.  Upon joining you will find all the familiar information and media currently found on this website.  Check it out on your preferred App Store or visit BAND’s website!

SCOUTBOOK – Our Pack Leadership has decided to continue using Scoutbook, an online tool for den leaders and parents to easily track the progress of each individual scout in their den.  Parents will be able to check off requirements completed at home and den leaders will be able to more efficiently track each scout’s progress to earning adventure loops, adventure pins, badges, and ranks.

Please keep in mind, the more people who volunteer, the better the program will run. This page will continue to be updated periodically until all enrolled families are registered with BAND (via desktop or smartphone app). If you have a pressing question that you would like answered (and isn’t already covered in the FAQ portion of this website), please email the pack at: pack747leland@gmail.com and it will be forwarded to the appropriate individual.