Tiger Leaders

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Tiger Requirements

6-7 Years Old

1st Grade Youth


Cub Scouts is a family experience, in comparison to Boy Scouts, which is for the most part a boy-lead experience.  Tiger scouts and their parents go on adventures together to learn new skills, explore new interests, and make new friends (both boys and adults alike). We REQUIRE all Tiger Scout parents to be present and active partcipants in their den. Our boys success in the program is dependant on parents’ willingness to contribute their strengths for the greater good.

As our First Grade, 6 and 7 year old, Tiger Scouts begin their journey in Scouting, they develop an understanding of nature and all living things, practice their team building skills, take on roles of responsibility in their den and at home, learn healthy eating habits, and how to prepare for exploring the outdoors with the help of the Cub Scout Six Essentials.  Tigers can also spend time learning magic, being polite, heritage, boating skills, code of conduct, bicycle riding, stargazing, artistic expression, problem solving, household safety, relay games, storytelling, and cultural arts.