Webelos Leaders

Webelos I Den Leader:
Iris King
Assistant Den Leader:
Dwight King
Arrow of Light Den Leader:
Position Available
Assistant Den Leader:
Position Available

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Webelos I Requirements

9-10 Years Old

4th Grade Youth


WEBELOS (n): We Will Be Loyal Scouts

Our Fourth Grade, 9 and 10 year old, Webelos Scouts begin learning the core skills required for Boy Scouts.  Webelos practice cooking over a campfire, basic first aid, physical fitness, and hiking.  Unlike Tigers, Wolves, and Bears, Webelos Scouts share from a pool of elective options with the Fifth Grade Arrow of Light Candidates.  These options include: scientific exploration, swimming, disability awareness, woodworking/metalworking, everyday hero recognition, basic shelter construction, geology, household repairs, game design, birding, forestry, timeline mapping, music appreciation, moviemaking, family duty responsibility, and sportsmanship.

The Webelos Den leadership consists of Iris King, and her husband, Dwight, who have been long standing members of our pack. They began their Scouting journey with their older son, Kweli, who is now a Boy Scout. Their younger son, Khalil, is now in his fourth year with our pack. The King family have also consistantly been a top seller in our annual Popcorn Fundraiser. Way to go!