Webelos Leaders

Webelos I Den Leader:
J.P. Altman
Assistant Den Leader:
James Meares
Arrow of Light Den Leader:
Kate Gennaro
Assistant Den Leader:
Eugenio Gonzalez

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Webelos II Requirements

10-11 Years Old

5th Grade Youth



We refer to our Fifth Grade, 10 and 11 year old, Webelos Scouts as Arrow of Light Candidates.  Those fortunate enough to complete the requirements will earn The Arrow of Light Badge, which is the ONLY badge which transitions from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.  It further allows a scout eligibility to enter Boy Scouts early.  Those Webelos Scouts who do not earn The Arrow of Light Badge would otherwise have to wait till they turned 12 years old to join a Boy Scout Troop.

Arrow of Light Candidates are required to display citizenship, perform community service, demonstrate outdoorsmanship, and have an understanding of the basic operations of a Boy Scout Troop.  Arrow of Light Candidates can choose from the same pool of electives as Webelos Scouts, except they must complete three electives, and must not be ones they have worked on during the previous year.  These options include: scientific exploration, swimming, disability awareness, woodworking/metalworking, everyday hero recognition, basic shelter construction, geology, household repairs, game design, birding, forestry, timeline mapping, music appreciation, moviemaking, family duty responsibility, and sportsmanship.

Leading our candidates is Kate Gennaro, a proud mom of 2 scouts, one a Boy Scout and the other an Arrow of Light Candidate. She feels it’s very important to show our children what an amazing world we have and all it has to offer. Kate and her husband Greg are also part of the Troop Committee for our charter organization’s Boy Scout Troop.  Assisting Kate is Eugenio Gonzalez, a Webelos Den Leader, who joined us after Cub Scout Pack 705 disbanded last year.

“Scouting is a great way to not only learn about and experience our great outdoors, but also learn several other vital life skills. We are proud to be a part of this family oriented den and pack. All parents and guardians are encouraged to be part of the scouting experience.”  – Kate Gennaro